Knox County Trustee Changes Attorney Representation

Yesterday Mike Donila reported here that the former Knox County Trustee delinquent tax attorney is complaining about how Trustee John Duncan is choosing to move the delinquent tax collections to Knox County Law Director Richard “Bud” Armstrong‘s office.

It really seems that the complaints of the former delinquent tax attorney is sour grapes for his own departure from the office. It seems to me that had he not authored a salary suit that included and allowed bonuses to be paid to employees that had not completed necessary course work.

I can see why the Trustee would agree to move those responsibilities to the law department. It saves more than $20,000 in salary to move the responsibilities to the law department.

Sources within the legal community have indicated that they do not believe this is a legal course of action. That is a rumor. I am sure if it is not proper than it will be reconsidered. I am sure that Trustee Duncan would have been happy to keep the delinquent tax attorney on staff had he not had to go to Criminal Court and plead to a misdemeanor and is currently awaiting a ruling on his request for judicial diversion.

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