Trustee Duncan Leaned on Attorney Tindell and Fell

According to Trustee John Duncan III it was Attorney Chadwick B. Tindell that authored the salary suit that disguised the “bonuses”. It slipped by Mayor Burchett the first year. But not this year, so now the Trustee finds himself at odds with the popularly elected and “the taxpayer’s watchdog” County Mayor Tim Burchett.

The public opinion is clearly against the Trustee based on the comments of the Big Metal Shed’s investigative story researched and authored by Mike Donila. Tindell went so far as to award himself $3,000 two years in a row for completing his continued education that he is required to complete in order  to maintain his law license. Clearly this is a case of the entitlement mentality gone awry. They should refund the unearned bonuses immediately.

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1 Response

  1. Fackt Chequer says:

    Is the tax collection attorney the best person to file the administrative salary suit to establish the budget, the compensation, and the costs of operating the Knox County Trustee's office.

    If the collection attorney is being compensated for completing credits not covered under the program which is administered by TCAS, isn't that a fraudulent filing in the salary suit and should be reported to the Tennessee Attorney's Board of Professional Responsibility for investigation.