I guess 5 hours later Kincannon has hate in her heart.

Yesterday at 2:30 p.m. School Boarder Indya Kincannon was one of 2/3rds of the School Board to stand at a press conference trying to calm the nervousness resulting from the systems School Security Chief having to admit he lied and was placed on leave. In the photo posted in today’s News Sentinel she appeared somber. Five hours later she takes to twitter and post some hate sentiment toward the Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.

Even da career killa Mike Donila over at Screams From the Porch blogged about it, here. He even got a quote from the Mayor and he stayed on the high road. While Kincannon’s actions demonstrate to her children and the 50,000 plus students in Knox County Schools that it is appropriate to post mean, vengeful and just plain ole nastiness about a fellow politician like herself.

Source from @shockand_awe twitter account

Source from @shockand_awe twitter account

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    Kincannon or McIntyre need to resign. Maybe both.

    Were some memebers of the school board told, as McIntyre said yesterday, and which the board denied? At least McMillan denied it.

    Were others on the BOE told, and if they were, did they cover for Central Office?

    Or to steal a phrase from a famous Tennessean, what did they know, and when did they know it.

    If Kincannon wants a job that’s more in line with her abilities and skills she exercises on the school board, she needs to quit the BOE and go directly to the Press Relations Department of Knox COunty Schools.

    I mean, all evidence indicates, as her tweet emphasizes, she already is.

    The Shadow knows.