Haslam for President…..of the US? Surely….

Today’s Tennessean has this article about adding Governor Bill Haslam to the list of potential GOP Republican candidates for President of the United States. Putting Haslam in the same pool as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, South Carolina Governor Nikkie Haley, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. It is hard for me to take that prospect serious, especially when I consider that United States Senator Marco Rubio could be in the mix.

The last time we had a serious Republican running for GOP nomination is our current United States Senator Lamar Alexander. The TCU led by Lloyd Daugherty followed Lamar around causing him minor difficulties, but a problematic pest at best. Alexander has said and I believe that his problem was announcing for President in a flannel shirt.

Haslam would have to have a clear overwhelming support from the state to avoid the results of Alexander, Gore and Thompson.

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy Loy CCM says:

    Whoever follows BHO will have to try and screw it up to NOT be a hero…following the worst President ever should be an easy act to follow…but we need a real hero like Reagan. Whoever it is needs to be the right person.

  2. The Shadow says:

    Haslam went to the Rose Garden to get Race to the Top dinero and try out the view. Problem is, he really doesn’t seem to stand for anything. And the GOP nominee will be up against Hillary. They better be tough and ready. I don’t see it.