Why Do “Conservatives” Always Target Lamar! ?

Why do the people that call themselves “conservative” always target Lamar! ? The exclamation point in Lamar! was introduced and used during a Republican Primary for President. Ever since then, I use it often.

I have been involved in some form of Republican politics since I was 16, that was 30 years ago. Yes, for those of you from Corryton, I am 46.

Lamar! has been serving in some capacity of and for Tennessee ever since. Why do the out of the mainstream “conservatives” not like him and refuse to support him. Message me, leave a comment and tell me. I have been wondering for 3 decades now. For those of you in Corryton, 3 decades is 30 years.

Here is a story from today’s Tennessean about the fringe and not liking our Senior Senator.

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1 Response

  1. Sandy Loy CCM says:

    Well Brian I am no political pundit (Thank goodness) but I think Lamar has been too liberal in his voting record…and even more important he is never around the middle class when he is in the region. That plaid shirt deal was a joke. He is an elitist in my opinion and acts more like a liberal academic than a conservative representative of his constituents. When he was President of UT he was completely inaccessible…and he is no better as a Senator. He votes with the cats across the aisle more often than anyone I can remember that called themselves a Republican…I think he is a RINO. That’s one opinion anyway.