Knox County Council PTA Is OUT OF TOUCH!

The President of the Knox County Council PTA spoke on public forum at the Knox County School Board Meeting. She launched into an attack on Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and the Knox County Commission that two years ago rejected an exorbitant amount of a property tax increase.

When she attacked Mayor Burchett and Commission she is attacking the majority of Knox County citizens. Because the overwhelming response of Knox County citizens two years ago as our community, as we are now in the midst of the Obama economy. With large numbers of citizens behind on their mortgages and the large number of foreclosures, citizens could not pay an increase in their property taxes.

A leader that “represents” parents and teachers that is so clearly out of touch with the citizenry and the county elected officials is a “leader” that is not able to adequately lead.

The President of the Knox County Council PTA in her opening remarks said that she was not a parent or student. As an adult we should all be students. When we continue to fail to learn, we fail to grow.

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1 Response

  1. The Shadow says:

    It’s not so much the PTA is out of touch.

    The problem is is that it is proving it is just an extension of the Central Office, and the Haslam cabal, along with Save Our Schools and the Chamber of Commerce. All unwilling to listen to the people if it challenges their beloved leaders. Pathetic.