Arnett’s History Does Not Match His Current Words

A few days ago, WATE aired this story concerning a candidate alleging another candidate of stealing signs. Foster Arnett, Jr. is quoted in the WATE story as saying, “The accusation is ludicrous. I have a job. I don’t have time to go around messing with yard signs.”

Well, yes, Armett himself doesn’t mess with signs. His wife Dottie however, in 2010 was caught taking down Arnett’s opponents sign and Timothy Floyd Burchett’s sign. I still have the 911 call of Mrs. Arnett on my iPod. If I can figure how to get it to youtube, maybe I will.

Here is a post from April 27, 2010 about Arnett’s sticky fingers on political signs. She had a job at the time as well.

Here is a post from April 28, 2010 where Arnett granted the County Clerk employees with a shopping day. Something he says he took away, but clearly with the memo that is attached to this post, Arnett is a liar. There’s some fact checking for you.

Here is a post from April 29, 2010 after I listened to the 911 call asking is Mrs. Arnett should face charges for wasting 911’s time on calling in a false report.

It should be noted that I have been told that Arnett and the Knox County Republican Chair are family related. I have not reviewed the family tree, so it is just speculation, not founded as of yet.

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  1. Knoxcountyreject says:

    Go figure that Arnett and the cow are related they keep the shady morals in the family.