Knox County Republican Party Chair and Her Favoritism on Display

Saturday night, the Knox County Republican Party held their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Of course it was 60 days after President Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday. But why have the dinner near the day of birth of whom the dinner is named and honored for?

It seems that Chair while introducing office holders showed her favoritism for Fifth District County Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs. While introducing him she referred to him as “my general”. Several individuals have told me that they actually felt pity for her at that moment. Briggs has announced he desires to challenge State Senator Stacey Campfield. Many people called asking me if the Chair violated the rule that the Chair can not show any favoritism for a Republican Incumbent or Challenger.

If there were any question of her loyalty it all diminished when introducing Senator Campfield it was as an afterthought. “oh yeah and Stacey Campfield is here.” What is interesting is that the Ron Paul crowd is more inclined to support the Conservative Campfield candidacy than a Moderate Briggs challenge.

Also, there was talk circulating the dinner that Ben Farmer, the Chair’s website coordinator and the conductor of the weekly polls in a certain weekly throw away paper is the campaign director for Briggs.

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