When Did This Anti Brooks, Anti Massey Position of the Republican Chair Begin

A few days ago, we posted this story about the Knox County Republican Chair launching a comment about defeating State Rep. Harry Brooks and Senator Becky Duncan Massey because they block the election of School Superintendent. Massey talked with me and her comments are included in this former post.

I have received several phone calls that have given me the back story and confirmed that there are plans to run County Commissioner David Wright as a challenger to State Representative Harry Brooks. Brooks has a recent fundraiser scheduled. If you don’t want the Chair and the Korrington Kommunity Kronies to succeed. I would suggest supporting Rep. Brooks.

Here is the backstory. It began at a Halls Republican Club meeting. Rep. Brooks and Sen. Massey were the speakers. When the time came up for questions. A one time (1996-2000) former School Board Member from the Korrington Kommunity made some comments about the position of Elected Superintendent. Neither Brooks nor Massey were quick to respond. At which time the Republican Chair asked “what, no comment?” At which time the one time former School Board Member said, oh they will have comments when they run for election and want my support.

I have also received several phone calls saying that several individuals politically connected to the one term former School Board Member have been asking, are you going to work with us in supporting Wright over Brooks?

So, there is the back story, according to folks in the know.

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