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Knox News Sentinel, Georgiana Can and Should Do Better

Today, one month and three days after BrianHornback.Com reported this story, Georgiana Vines reports it in the News Sentinel. Come on Semtinel, Vines can and should do better. It isn’t news this late.

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2016 Knox County Commission Candidate Violates Campaign Finance Rules and Law Right Out of the Block

John D King a former 2014 failed Republican challenger  (not to be confused with my friend John K. King) to Senator Lamar Alexander was first introduced as a candidate by the former Republican Chair...

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Center City Conservatives Republican Club to Hear About Government Construction and No Bid Contracts

Tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. the Center City Conservatives  Republican Club will meet at Shoney’s on 4410 Western Avenue near the I-640 interchange. Guests and Members that dine meet about 6 p.m., tomorrow’s speaker...