Do Not Be Scared Away Because of a Political Agenda! 4

It seems according to a member of the BrianHornback.Com team that a throw away newspaper picture taker is trying to use his Facebook page to scare away advertisers and readers. First of all I read lots of advice from people that are more knowledgeable of websites than a 30 plus year old guy that still […]

Part 2 of the text message from April 11, 2014. Again, I was professional and respectful to the sky is falling.

Hunnicutt’s Timing Is Bad 1

We all have issues keeping all our financial debts from consuming every moment and second of our lives. But timing for Jason Hunnicutt sucks. It seems Reports, Inc aka East TN Children’s Hospital had filed a civil matter on him. My sources indicate the filing was on April 1 with a potential hearing date for […]

“Studs & Duds for Davis” or “Gents for Jenkins”? 1

This post is some what tongue in cheek. I have been told that Billy Stokes has a group, “Women for Stokes” I am not sure what the gender factor is. If he were running for Fourth Circuit Court Judge maybe he would always side with women in domestic court. But he is running for Division […]

The profile picture once on Billy Stokes Facebook page, supporting Former Democrat County Commissioner Madeline Rogero for Mayor.


Why Has Bill Ailor Not Filed a Financial Disclosure? 3

Bill Ailor, Republican Candidate for Circuit Court Div. II has not filed a financial disclosure. All judicial candidates are to file on the state’s website here. As of 11:50 p.m. on 4/16/2014 here is what you find when you search for Bill Ailor. After you click on the Report List link you should be able […]

Should Leuthold Have Received His Unused Comp and Sick Time? Should he Repay? 1

UPDATE: It would appear that the Black Wednesday County Commissioner Pals Craig Leuthold and Phil Ballard played the system. The Trustee office runs as a fee office like the Criminal Court Clerks Office. The Property Assessors Office operates off the Knox County HR Payroll system. When Leuthold was shown the door by the previous Trustee […]

Why Can’t McCroskey Just Write Norman and Herself the Check? 1

This blog has been no fan of McCroskey or the operation of the Criminal Court Clerks Office. I see a loophole that McCroskey may be able to utilize. According to this story from WBIR. Knox County officials are not authorizing the payments of Joy McCroskey and her Deputy Janice Norman because the ordinance stated that […]

Phil Ballard says “The Documents Speak For Themselves” 1

On April 2, 2014 this post outlined what could be perceived as a lack of financial accountability of the Knox County Property Assessor. He asked on that day to put the questions in written email form. Today, at 2:37 p.m. I asked for his answers to the questions that were outlined to him. Because on […]

What is Hammett’s Story?

On Monday, I reviewed the Knox County Sheriffs office personnel files for Sheriff candidates Bobby Waggoner and Sam Hammett. In addition, to Hammett’s personnel file there is an Internal Affairs file. Hammett resigned the department in May 2012. On Monday afternoon, Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones was a guest on the Phil Williams radio talk show […]

The information center of the Impeach Obama at the Town of Farragut US Post office

Town of Farragut Post Office the Site of an Impeach Obama Movement

April 15th, tax day. In the Town of Farragut near the U.S. Post Office is a community organizer set up. Volunteer “Frank” is distributing information and asking individuals to sign the petition to Impeach Obama. The material that I received upon taking a few pictures and informing the volunteer that I am a blogger is […]