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Seventh District Commissioner Charles Busler 0

Knox County Commissioner Busler and Golf

Last night at the Knox County Commission Meeting, Seventh District Commissioner Charles Busler bragged about the Knox Coonty owned Three Ridges Golf Course. He listed all the events that have been held there including...

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Christmas with the West Knox Republican Club

Tonight the West Knox Republican Club had their Christmas dinner at Rothchild Catering and Conference Center. I had someone graciously agree to take pictures for me tonight. Thank You again, Friend.

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Poor Ole Georgiana….I like Randy Boyd’s Son

Georgiana is slipping, in today’s Knox News Sentinel 12/10/2018 first she identifies Marsha Blackburn as a cabinet member of Former Governor Don Sundquist that opposed the Governor’s State Income Tax. Blackburn was a State...

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Christmas Lunch with the Sheriff

Today was Christmas Lunch compliments of Sheriff Tom Spangler and his Department. All the traditional holiday food was featured. A good time was had by all.