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Brian Hornback podcast Episode 54 – 2021

In this 54th episode I discuss the 2021 podcasts briefly and a few highlights of 2021.  Watch it here or below  or listen here or most places you get your podcasts.  

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Karns Republican Club Kick Off 2022

The Karns Republican Club had the first meeting in 2022. Chancellor John Weaver installed the new officers by administering the Oath of office. Roger Kane, President; John Elliott, Vice President; Julie McBee Fritte, Secretary...

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It’s not Political… BUT It Is 2

Well some genius in Knox County Sheriff’s Office posted a note on the roll call door today about the previous administration (Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones) The note said, DID  YOU KNOW!!!! UNDER THE LAST...

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If You Say It Ain’t Political….. BUT It Is

So real interesting when I get a screenshot of a posting from an electronic message board asking Knox County Sheriffs employees to sign up to speak at Commission meetings. One taking point suggested is...