The News-Sentinel Can’t Get Jack or John Right

The News-Sentinel because they are managed by Jack McElroy can’t get anything right. Check out the News-Sentinel’s announcement (here) about the appointment of the West Valley Middle School Principal. However, a phone call went to the West Valley Middle School parents yesterday afternoon announcing that John Nealy as the Principal. He served as Principal of Sunnyview Primary this year. Here is the faculty page for Sunnyview Primary that identifies him as John Nealy, not Jack Nealy as the News-Sentinel identified him. We are left to believe that with Jack McElroy as Editor the staff only have Jack on the mind, No John.

The West Valley Middle School community welcomes John Nealy to our school. He will find a community of committed parents that will work with him to continue the Wolves tradition of excellence. The West Valley Middle School community appreciates the service of Principal Sheila Fuqua. Her commitment to excellence has been a superb effort.

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