Wamp Leads in Second Poll in One Week

This weekend at the Davidson County Republican Picnic, Zach Wamp and Ron Ramsey tied for first. Leaving the Knoxville Mayor as a distant third. Only one in six Davidson County Republicans desire a gas gouging retailer as the Republican nominee. We posted about it here.

Now thanks to Nashville Post we discover that Third District Congressman Zach Wamp leads in another Republican preference poll. Here is the post about the poll. The poll was conducted by The Southern Political Report. So, what is Tom Ingram doing as the guru of the gas gouging retailer? It is obvious what Bob Davis is doing for the Third District Congressman.

If the election to determine the Republican nominee for governor was held today and you would likely vote in that primary, who would you vote for?

Wamp (22%)
Haslam (15%)
Ramsey (7%)
Gibbons (4%)
Other (13%)
Undecided (39%)

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