Stacy is Leaving :( So, Now We Want Allison!

Rumor out of Volunteer TV Channel 8 is that Stacy McCloud is leaving Knoxville. She is headed to the Fox station in Nashville as an entertainment reporter.

Say it ain’t so. Stacy we will miss you, you are one of us having been raised in Campbell County. The females at 6 and 10 moved here, but you are one of us. We wish you well. Thanks for the memories. I travel to Nashville regularly. So, I can and will see you again.

Now, the campaign begins. Allison Hunt for Alan’s Co-Anchor. Call 865-450-8888, email, write letters to WVLT VOLUNTEER TV P.O. Box 59088 Knoxville, TN 37950

“We want Allison! We Want Allison!

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