Smith has NO Conscience.

Commissioner Smith of Knox County’s Seventh district said today “my conscience is clear.” “Knox County has had enough of this” Well, his conscience is clear because he has no conscience. You have read here at Brian’s Blog for the last two or three months about Smith’s lying that has been documented in the main stream press today. It is clear that the same question was asked of Smith within a few months of one another and he had two different answers. He clearly lied.

Now, to try and deflect he uses the Bill Clinton line, with a sad hound dog face, Knox County has had enough of this. Smith and Bill Clinton have a lot in common. But that will be a post for another day. Smith knows that his lying days have now caught up with him. He is now caught lying to the court and it is time for him to hit the door.

Now, sources in the City County Building saw that Commissioner Smith was in Law Director Bill Lockett’s office and in Attorney General Randy Nichols office. Scott Moore made several attempts to reach both Lockett and Nichols and did not receive returned phone calls.

Scott Moore could exercise the same right that any citizen of Knox County has and that is that he will present the evidence himself to the grand jury.

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