Burchett Bologna Lunch

Yes, I attended the Burchett bologna lunch. Thank you to the wonderful people at the News Sentinel for recognizing lowly little ‘ole me as an attendee.

For those of you not familiar with the Phillips Auction bologna cutting it is the best political event. The bread is the freshest bread. the bologna and tomatoes are to die for. The chips are Lays chips. But the dessert is RC Cola and Chocolate Moon Pie.

Howard, Kenny, Brian and all the Phillips put on a spread. Richard and Lillian Bean are always fixtures at the event.

On a sad note, missing today was my old buddy Ralph Teague. Ralph passed away this summer, but he was there in spirit. As soon as I hit the door, standing there was Cindy Teague, aka Mrs. Ralph Teague. Hugging Cindy and checking on her were great.

The event itself as always was good. It’s a long time until May 2010, the primary election for Knox County Mayor. There will be other candidates and other bologna cuttings.

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