Shopper News Provides Comic Relief Every Sunday Night

First, the E.W. Scripps hourly paid Shopper News Editor Sandra Clark always refers to the News Sentinel as the other paper. She does so again in tomorrows edition. It was kind of funny until about three years ago when they took ownership of the Shopper and retained her for a certain number of years. So, when she refers to “the other paper” she is actually pointing into a mirror and making fun of herself.

Second, Larry Van Guilder gets it wrong in his column tomorrow. In his column about the race for Knox County Trustee he wrote. “He didn’t hold the job for long. Chancellor Daryl Fansler’s ruling last October kicked him to the curb along with a slew of other officeholders, but Sisk won a second appointment to the office last January.” Hey, Larry where were you when the Commission appointed in 2008? The appointments were after the February 5, 2008 elections, like on February 20.

And you two (Sandra and Larry) wonder why no body gives you any credit for being a “reputable” publication or “reputable” Scripps employees?

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