Unconfirmed, but. Wedding Bells Probably Rang, Last Wednesday

This is unconfirmed, however, there is strong and I mean STRONG evidence that wedding bells rang last Wednesday evening.

Retired Knox County Schools Social Studies Supervisor and longtime Republican activist Al Bell got hitched, married, tied the knot on Wednesday. We are reported that the bride is a Knox County School Principal, however, we are protecting her identity until we hear it from Al Bell.

Bell is on vacation this week from the Knox County Trustee’s office. Knox County Schools is on fall break. (meaning that we can not confirm with the possible bride) No one is talking except for a little slip up by the pastor’s wife on Wednesday evening.

So, we will say Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Al Bell. We will confirm as soon as possible. We will pull the story if necessary. However, we are confident that it is a STRONG story.

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