Winter Jam 2007

I attended Winter Jam 2007 last night at Thompson Boling Arena. What a great experience. I arrived around 6:00 p.m., just in time for New Song. After New Song, Nate Sallie came out and played during the love offering. The cost for Winter Jam is only $10.00 and to attend a secular or Christian concert with two acts is $50.00 or more. So, Winter Jam is an opportunity for people to attend a multi-act concert at a minimal cost. Hawk Nelson then came out and rocked the house.

Pastor Tony Nolan then came out and delivered the Gospel message. 941 individuals committed themselves to Jesus Christ, over 700 of those prayed the Believers prayer for the very first time.

Steven Curtis Chapman came out and led the worship. Chapman’s son has a band called The Following. They led in one song. There was an entertainer and the Jeremy Camp came out and rocked and I mean rocked Thompson Boling Arena.

At the conclusion, before the final prayer. All of us in attendance sang Amazing Grace. The sound of 10,000 people singing Amazing Grace a capella was touching.

The attendance of Winter Jam was in the 15,000 range. If you haven’t attended before, you need to go next year. It is AWESOME.

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