Scripps owned tabloid paper no Shows

This evening the School Board met and one item had some real discussion. That item is a concept plan for a football field house for Halls High School that will be funded by the football boosters club.

Sam Anderson, Knox County School Board member advocated a policy change that will require a concept plan approval for “big ticket” items like football field houses. He suggested that the field house must met Title IX requirements.

Sam of City of Knoxville Community Development Department fame never mentioned that two years ago the community of Farragut and in particular the football boosters club built a football field house, at no cost to the Knox County citizens. Halls County Commissioner R. Larry Smith according to School Board members has made a commitment for $100,000.00 of Knox County tax payer funds to assist in the construction of the field house. This financial skin in the game will open the Halls booster club and field house project to examination by the school board. The Farragut football boosters never received similar comments from Anderson or the School Board as “they had to go it alone.”

The most interesting development in this story from the School Board meeting was the absence of any writer representing the Scripps owned tabloid publication based in the north section of the county. The tabloid writer or tabloid editor were not present.

Lola Alapo of Scripps owned News-Sentinel was present also attending was a reporter with the legitimate Community newspaper the Fountain City Focus.

Maybe the reporters of legitimate Scripps owned publications are now reporting for the tabloid or maybe legitimate Halls News is not of concern to the tabloid. I am sure that their response will be that they watched it on TV. How lazy is that?

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