Junior want’s you to Pray with him and for him for $12.50

The Rep, State Representative Stacey Campfield received an invitation to a Ford, Junior prayer breakfast for $12.50 here in Knoxville on Wednesday. If it is neccesary for Junior to have a fundraiser, then fine call it Bagels with Junior. But to insert a religious theme and charge people for it, is lowest of the low.

To pray it is now neccesary to pay Junior $12.50? This is shameful. Is this what he learned when he was forced to attend church? Do you recall what Christ did when he discovered the money changers in the temple? Here is a modern moneychanger.

Here is The Rep’s posting from the Frank Cagle Comes Clean post on Brian’s Blog.

The prayer breakfast for Ford that costs $12.50 to pray at (I would pray that he looses) is Wed Oct 18 at 7:30-9:00 am at the Crown Plaza Hotel ,Summit Ballroom. I wonder if the next time Jr. is on Gene Patterson will he say “I cant help it.I love Jesus!…And you can too for 12.50!.

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