Is Jablonski Mad That She Can’t Bully Her Way Into An Appointment?

The screamer from da porch aka Mike ‘da career killa’ Donilla posted about a meltdown former School Board Member and former failed Republican State Representative candidate Diane Jablonski had today at the Knox County Commission Work Session.

Interesting that the perception is that when she realized that she would have to compete with several people for one seat to be appointed by the County Commission that she didn’t want to risk humiliation of being rejected. She instead advocated that the Commission abolish the ethics committee. So, it seems that if she can’t be on the committee she wants to rid the county of a requirement by state law to have an ethics committee.

Interesting that when Jablonski was on the school board. Superintendent Lindsey was required to discontinue his diary entries that he sent to the board in his first several months on the job in 1999 because they violated State Law in violating the Sunshine Law and the open records law. Jablonski did not cry foul on the diary entries at the time, so would she or could actually identify ethics violation?

The author of this blog served on the School Board from September 1, 2000 until August 31, 2004. The issue of the Superintendent’s diary entries were ruled to be in violation prior to the blog authors service.
Read the report from the screamer from the porch (aka Mike ‘da career killa’ Donilla here

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