TN Democrat Chairman Bob Tuke – Head Of The Heman Woman Haters Club?

This from Sharon Cobb had my interest. State Representative Beth Harwell would be an excellent candidate for Governor. Why? She is qualified, She is articulate, She is capable and She can and will beat Governor Phillip Bredesen if she will run for office. There are others that meet all the criteria that I have explained. However, Bob Tuke has now shown his cards, Bredesen’s numbers are way down and Tuke sends a letter that can only be described as an attempt to intimidate her from running. Does this make him the Head Of The Heman Woman Haters Club?

Representative Harwell, They are scared of you. All the more reason to run and run against Bredesen’s lack of managerial leadership on TennCare, his party’s involvement in the Tennessee Waltz, his shredding of sexual harassment documents in the Governor’s office, his lack of control in the Department of Safety and his lack of leadership at the Tennessee Highway Patrol, his deputy governor driving 87 miles an hour in a 70 mile per hour zone, his promotions for campaign donations, his lack of leadership in graduation rates, his order to conduct an election almost immediately to replace Senator John Ford with his sister Ophelia and ignoring the citizens of Bradley, Polk and Meigs County and waiting three months to order an election to replace Representative Chris Newton.

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