Knox County Democrat Chair Co-Host Talk Radio

Jim Gray, Knox County Democrat Party Chairman appeared on the Hallerin Hilton Hill morning talk show.

“THIS WEEK ON THE HHH SHOW:July 25 – July 29 Wednesday Hal`s on vaction this week and so we`ve got some guest hosts to fill in with lots of interesting topics! Angie will be back for the first part of today`s show and Mark Harmen will pick up on the eight o`clock hour with guest Jim Gray, the Knox County Democratic Chairman.” Source from newstalk website.

I had a couple of sources, question if he could do this from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm due to the seperation between employment responsibilites within Knox County Government and partisan politics. When I questioned my sources they informed me that Chairman Gray is employed daily for County Clerk Mike Padgett.

With the proof that was presented to me, I was rendered speechless and have no answer.

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