I am NOT an advocate for higher taxes, I am an advocate for quality of life in a local community. Local tax dollars, where the benefit is obvious. Spending my tax dollars on the Federal level where the money is used for organizations like planned parenthood that advocates that women receive an abortion or a partial-birth abortion. Where they fund pervert artist through the National Endowment of the Arts. I will never support higher taxes at the State or Federal level.

However, The following quality of life improvements in Knox County have been worth the 55 cents property tax increase of 1999.

  • The Cove park on Northshore
  • The walking trail and soccer fields at The Point on Northshore
  • The Northwest Sports Complex in Karns
  • The pay raises of our sheriffs deputies
  • The pay raises for our teachers
  • Improvements in roads – Westland Drive is the exception.
  • New sidewalks
  • New library buildings at Farragut, Cedar Bluff, Karns, Carter, Hall, Ft. City

These are quality of life improvements that I am happy to pay for. However, we only receive these benefits from local taxes.

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