Knox Republican Chair Does an About Face! Thursday is Against Them, Today is For Them Republicans!

On Thursday night, the Knox County Republican Party Chair publicly stated to the Center City Republican Conservatives Club that if we are to ever achieve Elected Superintendent status that we have to vote out Rep. Harry Brooks and Senator Becky Duncan Massey.

One of my sources that attended that meeting called me yesterday to report that she had said this. I then confirmed it with two other sources that were in attendance. Three of the Fifteen attendees acknowledge that she said it.

Yesterday afternoon, I contacted Rep. Brooks and Senator Massey. Senator Massey returned my call this morning and she said,

“I support the elected Superintendent bill. I do not serve on the Education Committee. Ruthie has never talked with me personally about this issue.”

She continued by saying that any legislation must begin at the education committee. She said that she is aware that Rep. Brooks has worked on the legislation. That he has had extensive talks with Governor Haslam and the Governors staff. She said that the Governor has vowed to veto any legislation with an elected superintendent provision in it. She vowed by saying

“I will continue to do what I can”

I must say that Senator Massey is the most visible member of the legislative delegation serving Knox County. She returns every call and is very open and transparent.

I left a voicemail for Rep. Brooks last night, I texted him this afternoon. As of 9 p.m. EST on 8/27/2013 I have not been able to speak with him. Within an hour to an hour and a half of my text message to Rep. Brooks. The Knox County Republican Party Facebook page posted this item.

Facebook post thanking Rep. Brooks for his work on Tuesday, when on Thursday she wanted him voted out of office.

Facebook post thanking Rep. Brooks for his work on Tuesday, when on Thursday she wanted him voted out of office.

Rep. Brooks needs to watch his back. The word out in the Gibbs/Korryton area is that they are planning a Dave Wright candidacy against Brooks. Because he hasn’t participated like he has been told to participate by the ————–. Then again, maybe Brooks has been told he can’t run again by the ————— and he is planning to comply with the group. Time will tell.

A Republican Party Chairman kowtowing to a fringe insignificant group is one thing. But pledging and advocating incumbent Republicans be removed from office? How sad that the power is that necessary to be someone else’s!

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1 Response

  1. The sen. says:

    A bill can start and be brought forward and considered by any legislator. It does not have to come from any committee or anyone on any committee. It has no additional weight if it comes from anyone on any committee. All bills are considered equally and with no bias. At least by me.

    Last I read in the paper,, while not needed or required, , Becky did not want to move forward without a resolution from county commission supporting the move. No one on the county commission to my knowledge was asked to move or moved to pass any sort of resolution in favor of such a change.