Corey Johns – The GOP GOB Prince?

Georgiana Vines column today (here) quotes “Corey Johns, a Republican Activist” Wait! How did Vines miss that he is the Immediate Past First Vice Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party? He served from 2007-2009, during that time he was the go to person for media persons/entities. But Vines calls him “a Republican Activist”? Really?
I mean less than a year ago, the GOP Good Ole Boys club launched a hate filled tirade (here) against me because this blog is independent in it’s reporting. But, let’s remember former Knox County Republican Chairman Billy Stokes goes on tv endorsing Democrat Darryl Fansler in 1998, but in 2010 I am too critical of Republicans. Now, there “boy” that carried out their water from 2007-2009 doesn’t get criticized.

Well, you know what, I am happy with myself. I didn’t cow tow to an order of short men that can’t pay their taxes or men that have previous records that they try and keep out of the public light. In addition, my GOP Chairman win record (in spite of the term limits decision, the orange ballot intiative) from 2005-2007 was stellar.

Curious to know what link there may be to Connec-TN (who Johns works for) and Mark Padgett.

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