Monthly Archive: January 2015


KnoxNews and Moxley Making Others Pay?

Today, the News Sentinel has another story discussing the E-911 radio system that failed to receive a second motion for their gal pal Cynthia Moxley‘s client. Interesting that Mayor Madeline  Rogero has been a...

Hindsight (1)

Hindsight is 20/20 for Both Mayors?

20/20 vision is considered perfect vision by most all authorities. So, it is interesting that in this E-911 Board incident that Mayor Madeline Rogero almost immediately said she wanted to look into the action...


Huckabee in Knoxville Yesterday

Yesterday at NOON at the Sam’s Club West Knoxville, Former AR Governor and Fox News Talk Show Host Mike Huckabee had the third stop of his book tour for “God, guns, grits and gravy.”...