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Hugh Nystrom, Fourth District County Commission Race is OFF to a Fast Start

Hugh Nystrom, a candidate for Fourth District County Commissioner appointed a Treasurer on April 20, 2015. Any candidate and all candidates are NOT permitted to ask for, receive any contributions or spend any money...


City of Knoxville Elections 2015….Deadline is Approaching

September 29, 2015 is the City of Knoxville 2015 Primary Election. A week from this Thursday June 18, 2015 at NOON is the filing deadline. Here are the folks that have the paperwork in...


Senator Becky Duncan Massey Visits With East Knoxville

Michael Covington, citizen activist hosted his monthly East Knoxville Community Meeting on Monday June 1, 2015.  This month’s Speaker was State Senator Becky Duncan Massey. MY State Senator! City Councilman at Large George C. Wallace,...