Ivan Harmon IS The City Mayor

When you glance through the Shopper tomorrow check out the announcement about Ivan Harmon’s kickoff and fundraiser for Knoxville Mayor to be held this Thursday October 21, 2010 at the Knoxville Expo Center off of Clinton Highway. The first four words in the announcement is “Knoxville Mayor Ivan Harmon”. Evidently, the election has been held and according to the Shopper led by Scripps employee Sandra Clark, Ivan Harmon was elected. So, instead of a kickoff, let’s just turn this thing into a celebration party.

Also, while you are at it look at the announcement next to the Harmon announcement. Scripps employee Sandra Clark is telling you to tune into WNOX-FM 103 in order to hear the Seventh District State Senate candidates debate from 9-10 a.m. Well, tell me what you hear when you do what the Shopper tells you to do. For Brian’s Blog readers, if you wanna hear Representative Campfield tune to WNOX FM 100.3, evidently an extra 0 and . was to difficult for Scripps employee Sandra Clark. The real facts have always escaped Clark, at some point Scripps management should cut the embarrassment that is Sandra Clark and just let her go.

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