Lloyd Daugherty Endorsement of Lincoln Davis

In yesterdays Knoxville News Sentinel letters to the editor (here) Lloyd Daugherty has endorsed the Pelosi voting, Lincoln Davis. Sources close to the Daugherty’s TN Conservative Unions (TCU) annual Reagan Day Dinner fundraiser have informed Brian’s Blog that Lincoln Davis has always purchased a table at the TCU annual fundraiser from the time he was a State Senator and every year since he has been the Fourth District Congressman.

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2 Responses

  1. S. Thompson says:

    As a member of the Tennessee Conservative Union, I am proud to say that I will be voting for Lincoln Davis this year. Lincoln has always purchased a table at the Reagan Day Dinner because he has always been a supporter of Tennessee conservatives.

    Lincoln is one of the good guys for sure. (And I say this knowing I would never pull the lever for Pelosi.)

  2. S. Thompson, while you say that you would never pull the lever for Pelosi. If you vote for Lincoln Davis you will have pulled a lever for Pelosi. Because Lincoln while he talks a good game about being a Conservtive, went to Washington in voted for Pelosi for Speaker. Lincoln is not what he says he is and this is a prime example that the favor of TCU support is for those candidates that financially support TCU, not because they are the most conservative.