New Knox County Commission Chairman and Vice Chairman

Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles nominates Commissioner Mike Hammond no other nominations. Brad Anders made motion nominations cease. Briggs discussed the election of Hammond, Briggs would like to have term limits for persons in leadership. Briggs asked Hammond what he thought as Chairman, he will voluntarily term limit himself to no more than two years as Chairman. Amy Broyles will only support individuals for a one yerm term as Chairman or Vice Chairman. Commissioner Tony Norman discussed that his view is that the Vice Chairman should be the Chairman in waiting. Commissioner Ed Shouse asked Hammond where he resides Commissioner Hammond said beginning today he is a resident of South Knoxville’s Kimberlin Heights in County Commission District Nine. Hammond was elected unanimously.

Commissioner Sam McKenzie nominated Brad Anders, Broyles nominates Norman, Ownby nominates Dave Wright. On the first vote Anders received 4 votes with McKenzie, Anders, Mike Brown and Ed Shouse, Tony Norman received 2 votes with Broyles and Briggs. Wright received 3 votes Ownby, Smith and Wright. Norman’s name was taken out and the vote came between Anders and Wright. Anders received 5 votes with McKenzie, Broyles, Anders, Brown and Shouse. Wright received 4 votes with Ownby, Briggs, Smith and Wright. Tony Norman and Mike Hammond, Chairman Hammond asked if the passed wished to vote Commissioner Norman voted for Anders giving Anders the 6 votes to be the Vice Chairman.

The politics of Steve Hunley and David Wright lost the Vice Chair position.

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