News Sentinel Editor Keeping It Near The Bathroom

This is a non story. However, it demonstrates that Jack McElroy keeps it near the bathroom. This is proof positive that McElroy has now turned his negative personal attacks on Sherry Witt. Two days after the Former Sheriff of Knox County and Commissioner Pinkston are unsuccessful in their election bids, McElroy MUST now turn to someone. He takes a situation that Witt had nothing to do with other than the fact that her friend chose to play a prank on her. The attempted prank backfired because Kirkham was being Kirkham.

You can tell it is a personal negative attack by McElroy because of the photographs that he used of Witt and Kirkham. For McElroy to invade the personal space of Witt and Kirkham is the normal standard for Jack McElroy. But let a blogger point out that he (Jack McElroy) doesn’t pay his personal property tax or that he (Jack McElroy) and his fellow Scripps Employee Sandra Clark violate a nepotism policy and he will claim it was an oversight or that he had nothing to do with it.

Roane County Mayor Mike Farmer will ensure that the citizens of Roane County get their 44 cents of postage from Kirkham. The public will be made whole. As for the rest of this story it it typical McElroy potty news coverage. It is a non issue that doesn’t warrant space in a regional daily newspaper, much less front page. This story really is more suited for his other Scripps publication, the Shopper News. After all the Shoppers only use is to provide free birdcage liners to the citizens of Knox County.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that Roane County has the same arrogance of spending tax dollars for personal use that Knox County has had. Regardless of the silly 'prank' I am ticked off that the postage was used. Anytime someone gets 'caught' in something like that, (smoking pot in the garage?) you can pretty much guarantee it's not the first time it has ever happened.

  2. I know County Mayor Mike Farmer. You can not lump him into lobster lunches and wining and dining in Nashville because some elected official walked in his office and ran an envelope through the postage meter.

    As for an employee smoking pot in the garage. She was on a break and her Supervisor's didn't know what she was doing on her break. So, your accusation is wrong. Bad personal decisions result in paying for those. Kirkham is paying by having been notified by Panama City Beach Police Department and Roane Co. Mayor's Office. Witt is an unintended unknowingly victim and for little Jack McElroy to flaunt it on the front page is wrong.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dude-if you are going to respond, try actually reading what I wrote. I voiced no opinion on your article or on Sherry Witt. I said I'm ticked that an elected official saw fit to improperly use tax dollars.
    As for your statement “so your accusation is wrong” –I said someone smoked pot in the garage-How is that statement wrong?
    From someone that constantly accuses media of bias, I would expect a little more.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I personally thought it was clear from the article that Ms. Witt had no part in the prank.
    NOW I am curious about Dottie Arnett's call to 911.

  5. Dude, Read our rules for engagement for commenting. You violated them by using the smoking pot in the garage. I gave you liberty by publishing your comment that clearly did not adhere to the Rules of Engagement. You were off topic and are NOW trying to change the discussion. You can be successful doing that on knoxnews but not here at Brian's Blog