Steve Hill, Candidate for State Senate

Today, Educated Voters for a Brighter Future along with West Knox Republican Club held a candidate Rally at Shelter #6 of Concord Park. Several candidates for State office were present. The state primary is August 5, 2010. Steve Hill and Ron Leadbetter, Republican candidates for State Senate District 7; Randy Walker, Democrat candidate for State Senate District 7 and Brian Hornback, candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 6 all addressed the crowd. Ken Gross, candidate for Republican State Executive Committeeman District 7 was present.

Steve Hill made two interesting points. One is that last year 28,000 students dropped out of school in Tennessee and that is more than graduated from post secondary institutions. That is shocking, but the fact remains. Second, when he is elected he is only going to go to Nashville for one four year term. Steve Hill served on the Knox County School Board for several years and even served as the Board Chairman. So, education is his top priority, however he said just throwing money at it hasn’t fixed education and will not fix it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post Brian! I was looking around today and found that only two candidates have a blog. If you're interested here's the link to Steve Hill's blog