Center City Conservatives Republican Club…Two Days Away

Knoxnews has this story about the Center City Conservatives Republican Club that meets on Thursday July 28, 2016. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m., many members begin gathering about 5:45 p.m. for dutch treat dinner (as Conservatives, we know there are no FREE meals) and fellowship.

When Mr. Gerald Witt called me yesterday afternoon about the meeting. He was confirming if I have requested the Knox County Sheriffs Office to attend the meeting, I confirmed Yes, I had. He asked did I think that was necessary, I said as he reported. “I don’t know that (Hill) thought it was necessary before,” Brian Hornback, president of the Center City Conservatives club, said about seeking some protection for the event.

I am confident that I and others can handle any potential  scuffle that would break out but as I am quoted in the article, “We are in someone else’s establishment,” Hornback, who is also a local political blogger, said. “Don’t you think it’s the responsible thing to do?” We meet at the Shoney’s located at 4410 Western Avenue in Knoxville, TN and I don’t want to hurt Shoney’s of Knoxville business as they have been the club’s host location for many years and is a local family themed business. Men, Ladies and their young children attend our meeting and are enjoying a family meal in the same building and should not be exposed to such shenanigans as occurred at Cumulus Media on Thursday.

Earlier this year, the club hosted the three Republican candidates for Property Assessor and each candidates were being recorded by a third party and a comment by a candidate about their background ended up in the news a few weeks later. So, it has been an interesting year for our club, which is the only Conservatives Republican Club which enjoys the larger attendance and is the fastest growing club in Knox County.

Center City Conservatives Republican Club is one of at least 11 Republican clubs in Knox County.

*Last night, I received a call from Bryan Dodson, Candidate for the TN House District 18 last night, he has a family commitment and will be unable to attend the meeting. I talked to a campaign worker of Martin Daniel‘s on Sunday night he is still scheduled to attend as are James Corcoran and Steve Hall.

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