Need a Job With A Guaranteed Paycheck?

On November 20, 2009 the Knox County Election Commission began handing out qualifying petitions for several county elected offices. You only need 25 registered voters signatures to have your name placed on the ballot. So, if you are elected to one of these jobs, it is a guaranteed paycheck for the term of office that you are elected to. Here are the positions and salaries. Knox County Mayor $154,321.00; Knox County Commissioner $19,835.17; Knox County Trustee $99,748.00; Knox County General Sessions Judge Div. III $154,320.00; Knox County Sheriff $135,236.09; Knox County Circuit, Civil Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk $117,596.60; Knox County Criminal Court Clerk $109,722.80; Knox County Clerk $99,748.00; Knox County Register of Deeds $122,941.90 and a Knox County School Board Member $19,835.17. In addition the Commissioners and School Board Members receive a travel stipend that pays a combined salary of around $27,000.00 per Commissioner or Board Member. The deadline for filing to be on the ballot for one of these jobs is February 18, 2010.

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1 Response

  1. Alan Summers says:

    I wonder when the commission take up the issue of commissioner's pay raises? I don't see them not redoing the commissioner pay, especially with us loosing the number of representation, down to 11 total from 19. We spend around $377,000 per year on commissioner salaries for 19 of them. What do you think…$30,000 for 9 of them, and $50,000 for 2 at-large? That would save a little bit of money. And don't forget they will want to up their individual handout funds. This was all said with a bit of sarcasm, but I do anticipate them upping the salary for the new smaller commission.