Newt Gingrich’s New Book Trump’s America is Available NOW

On Tuesday, Center Street released Trump’s America written by Newt Gingrich. I spent Memorial Day weekend reading Trump’s America. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to understand, where we are as a Country. Gingrich has a unique perspective as he was not only an observer, he was a participant as a Member of Congress and the Republican leader that led us to one of the first Republican takeovers having co-authored the Contract with America and became the first Republican Speaker of the House in modern history.

Gingrich’s book breaks it down with The Great Comeback, Fighting for Trump’s America details the opposition to Trump’s America. The Comeback of One Nation, The Comeback of “Under God”, Ending the New World Order. It then details the effects of Trump’s America, Cutting Red Tape, Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, a Constitutional Judiciary, Health Care. Then you have to look at the Challenges, Fighting the Fake News, the Rule of Law versus the Law of Mueller, Draining the Swamp and then beyond.

I encourage you to pick-up or purchase a download of Trump’s America. This is a #SPONSORED post.



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