If Mr. Haslam is For the Extra Money for Schools, Is the Sentinel For It Because……?

So, several Knox County Commissioners indicate that Mr. James A Haslam, Jr called asking them to support the extra $35 million for Knox County Schools. Did the Sentinel support it, simply because Mr. Haslam buys 20-50k newspapers on Friday to give away at all his Knox County truck fueling stations. Think about that, 20-50k papers a week for 52 weeks a year. Even at wholesale cost. Mr. Haslam is providing a job, two or three inside the “Big Metal Shed on the Hill”

Maybe if the truck refueling stations could increase a few more papers a week, my favorite UT Athletic Historian Tom Mattingley could begin blogging again. His hiatus is taking way to long.

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3 Responses

  1. Jack D. Lail says:

    Tom Mattingly started back up June 6. Enjoy!


    — jack lail

  2. Yes, the Sentinel editorial group, editor and publisher will write whatever, say whatever, and do whatever their largest subscriber ($500,000 per year) tells them to do.

    It is so sad, but the News Sentinel got their sweetheart deal and industrial development bond issue several years ago for their big metal shed and they continue to practice compromised journalistic standards, essentially looking the other way and a number of public issues.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another story from the budget battle is that Gov. Haslam said he would SUPPORT a property tax increase for the schools.

    He then quickly said he wasn't going to “take sides, although he clearly did.

    He may have trouble explaining that one in his re-election bid.