Ms. Vines Shouldn’t Throw Stones at Glass Houses

Well, Ms. Vines over at the McElroy and Crew’s Sentinel “The Big Metal Shed on the Hill” has criticized Brian’s Blog in the past for misspelling the name of Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.’s Chief of Staff and for inaccurately spelling Ms. Vines first name as well. It appears that stone belonging to the character from the Andy Griffith Show Ernest T. Bass has come back crashing into her glass office cubicle.

It seems that Ms. Vines has the misspelling of Bob Griffitts’ name in one of her recent columns. “Bob Griffith (sic), Duncan’s chief of staff, read the tribute, which was printed onto a plaque, and presented to Strader’s daughter, Paula Rudder.” Link to the story is located here.

Ms. Vines are you going to report that you committed the same error on the same name that you criticized Brian’s Blog for doing? We could actually take it as flattery that you would mimic our sometimes out of the box style.

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