Eddie Smith formally Announced for Knox County Republican Party Chairman THIS MORNING

February 5, 2019

An open letter to the Knox County Republican Party and all of Knox County,

Over these last few weeks and months, I have been asked to consider running and serving, as your next Knox County Republican Party Chairman. I have sought the Lord’s will, diligently thinking about what is best for my family after these last several years of tough campaigning, and serving as your State Representative in House District 13. It has been humbling, and overwhelming, the level of support and encouragement that I have received during this time.

In today’s world, perception drives our realities, and especially when that perception is being driven by the national media narrative. For too long we have allowed others to define who we are as Republicans in Knox County. We have people who are ashamed to say that they are a Republican; this should never be the case again.

We are Republicans! We believe, not just in limited government, but smart and efficient government. We believe that every child has the right to life. We believe that the Constitution of both the United States, and of Tennessee, should be interpreted by the courts with an eye toward original intent, and not as a living constitution. We believe in the ingenuity and exceptionalism of the American people. We believe in YOU!

It is with this stance, that I humbly submit myself to you, for your consideration and vote, to be your next Knox County GOP Chairman.

I pledge to you these things if I am fortunate to earn your vote on February 23, 2019, at the Knox County Republican Party Convention at Central High School.

1. We will modernize the Knox County GOP communications systems. Too many of our citizens do not know what events, club meetings, gatherings are taking place. Let alone when our elected officials are holding meetings or campaign events.

2. We will engage the young people of Knox County as they are our future. Over these last few years, I have had the privilege to have dozens of UT College students as interns. They have endless energy and an incredible desire to serve this party. We need to give them a seat at the table.

3. We will prepare for the 2020 election unlike at any time in our past. Our electorate is more divided than ever and we will no longer let OUR narrative be set by anyone, but us. While the national stage will be a focus, we know that our local races have to take a priority for the Knox County Republican Party.

4. We will work to train and recruit the best and brightest candidates to run for office, and we will support them with unparalleled training and support.

5. We will work to build our financial war chest, to financially support the candidates we put forth for public office.

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