“Government at it’s Finest”

On Tuesday 2/19/2019 the Knox County Commission Workshop the Commissioners were discussing the January vote where they asked, instructed the Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs to send a letter to the City of Knoxville and Town of Farragut Mayors along with KUB, Soil Conservation District and other entities.

Commission Chairman Hugh Nystrom said the letter had been drafted and was being reviewed by Law Department staff Daniel Sanders. County Mayor Chief of Staff Bryan Hair states the County Mayor’s position and then ask for clarification, Law Director Bud Armstrong explains the procedure. Nystrom explains they are sending a letter to the Mayor to send letters. Keep in mind this is 3 almost 4 weeks since the Commission voted in January.

Chief of Staff Hair concludes what I am sure everyone except the government bureaucrats on the dais was thinking, “Government at it’s finest” in the most sarcastic tone possible.

Watch it below.



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