Read What Our New Superintendent Said Two Months Ago Today

Here is a January 25, 2008 story from the ABC affiliate WKOW in Madison, WI. (he wore a different tie to Knoxville) Here is the story link or try this link to view the video and hear Dr. McIntyre’s words for yourself.

MMSD Superintendent Candidate: Dr. James McIntyre

Moving to Madison would be a a dream come true for Dr. James McIntyre who is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Boston Public Schools.He says his extensive budget experience from an educational standpoint is one of his strongest assets. His wife is from the Midwest so moving his kids here to attend school in MMSD would be great.

When we asked him why he chose Madison he said, “It’s a terrific city. It’s an outstanding school district and I think it’s a terrific opportunity as well. it’s a situation where obviously, there are challenges in any school district but this is a district that has had great success.

“We asked Dr. McIntyre if Madison schools are underfunded, and asked if taxpayers pay more. McIntyre said funding needs to be responsible. “What’s important is to make sure your spending those dollars well and those dollars are going toward the educational mission of the district and making sure that every dollar and every dime is enabling student achievement.

“McIntyre says after spending a few days in Madison and around the district, he sees a lot of positives, but a few challenges as well. McIntyre says one of the biggest is distributing resources. “I think one is around resources and making sure that we use the resources we have effectively. I think the other is around making sure that as we see increasing diversity – economic diversity, racial diversity, that it is delt with constructively.”

Dr. McIntyre has a wife and two kids, ages 5 and 8. The board will name their choice for one finalist on Saturday. But it will be another month before it’s decided if that person actually gets the job.

Hat tip to leprechaun for posting this link in the comment section of the knoxnews website.

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