City of Knoxville Is Tipping Over

Today’s News-Sentinel story about the red light cameras in Judge Thomas Phillips federal courtroom reveal a great deal about the City of Knoxville administration, nepotism and cronyism in the City of Knoxville and an abuse of constitutional rights.

The judge rejected the red light lawsuit simply because it had not traveled through the state court. However, in reading the article you can see where the federal judge believes that the cameras violate federal and state Constitution.

Randy Kenner, City of Knoxville Public Relations guy said. “Our attorneys have looked at this, and we believe it is constitutional.” Hey Kenner, the attorneys are paid for by the City. They are going to opine whatever opinion the person or entity paying them to say wants them to say.

Then it is revealed that Michael S. Kelley is the attorney for Red Flex. Michael Kelley is former City of Knoxville law director and son to former school board member Dr. Paul Kelley. This has cronyism all over it. The City of Knoxville hire Red Flex to come into town and they hire the former City of Knoxville law director and son of a politically connected family. What red flags of improper perceptions does this raise? Hopefully it can all be captured on camera.

This is revealed shortly after the City Mayor was hosting a one on one with the two outside finalist for School Superintendent and providing an anonymous plane ride for Brian Bingelli, the finalist from Falls Church Public Schools in Fairfax, Va.

Read Judge Phillips decision, here.

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