West Knox Republican Club Meeting Featured Knox County Deputy Public Defender Eric Lutton

Knox County Deputy Public Defender Eric Lutton was the featured Speaker at West Knox Republican Club last night. He is one of three that have applied to fill the position of Public Defender when Public Defender Mark Stephens retires at the end of October.

Since Stephens was elected as Public Defender in 1990, the Knox County Public Defenders Office has been Nationally recognized for its wholistic approach. Social workers in the office working with their clients.

The office operates with 29 Attorneys and a staff of 65. Lutton has been a team leader since 2015. He has been a drug court liaison and worked in the Veterans Court. Lutton supports many of Governor Bill Lee‘s Criminal Justice Reforms.

Knox County Criminal Court Judge Steve Sword was present at the meeting and helped answer some specific questions. Yesterday there were 1,590 inmates in the Knox County jail, 280 over its accreditation.

State Rep. Martin Daniel asked how many inmates are incarcerated that are non violent and can not make bail. Judge Sword said 65%, however that includes non violent and violent offenders.

There are 130 inmates that are state prisoners that TN will not accept and are kept at the Knox County Jail.


Knox County Deputy Public Defender Eric Lutton at the West Knox Republican Club Meeting on Monday 9/9/2019

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