My Grandfathers Son by Clarence Thomas

In addition to my regular daily activities today, I read “My Grandfathers Son” a memoir of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I remember following the confirmation hearing for Justice Thomas. I remember the outrage I felt in witnessing the United States Senate led by rogue Senator Joseph Biden smear and slime a man of Clarence Thomas character and integrity.

Knowing the history that Clarence Thomas was confirmed only months earlier to the D.C. Court of Appeals on a unanimous voice vote of the Senate. Not one allegation of wrongdoing was ever mentioned or brought forward. But here he was being slimmed by a group that included Senator Ted Kennedy. The same Ted Kennedy that was driving intoxicated and drove off a bridge leaving a woman companion in the car as she and the car sank in the water.

The liberal left was able to get a young woman to come forward to allege incidents that were never proven, even with her supposed witnesses. Recently, while going through some files. I letters from our own Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr and that liberal bastion known as the former Tennessee Democrat Senator Jim Sasser in response to my letter supporting Clarence Thomas appointment to the United States Supreme Court. The record should reflect that the liberal Senator was defeated in his next election.

The book itself is a great read, revealing the real Clarence Thomas. It exposes the lies of the liberal left about his motive and his rise to the Supreme Court. He was raised by his grandfather and his grandfather’s wife known as Aunt Tina. His grandfather kept him and his brother busy, thus keeping them out of trouble so that they would not wind up as the “others” had. His mother was always nearby but he saw his father only a few times in his life.He still lives with the guilt of “letting his grandfather down” on two incidents in his life.

His grandfather was not able to witness his grandsons rise to the Supreme Court, but most assuredly his grandfather would have been proud.

I am so thankful that Justice Thomas wrote this book as it will be the counter and the correction to the lies of the liberal left and that young, immature lady that the liberal left used to slim and slander Clarence Thomas during the confirmation process.

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