“Bella’s Gift” by Rick and Karen Santorum

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Former United States Congressman and Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum who was also was a competitive Republican candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2012 along with his wife Karen and their daughter Elizabeth have written a book about “Bella” their seventh child before 7 years ago, this May 13, 2015. Bella was a child in Karen’s womb that was identified as having severe birth defects. A child that medical professionals would justify as a birth to be terminated through the use of abortion. The Santorum’s who are devoted Christ followers and pro-life made the decision to provide life for Bella.

On October 11, 1996, Karen Santorum had given birth to Gabriel Michael, he was not expected to be born alive defying all odds of the medical professionals he was and for two hours, Rick and Karen Santorum cradled and loved on Gabriel Michael until he ultimately returned to our Father in Heaven.

Fast forward to the pregnancy of Isabella Maria, she was determined while in the womb to have full blown Trisomy 18, Trisomy 20 is Down Syndrome. Again, the Santorum’s were given no hope and were repeated encouraged to accept the fact that Bella wouldn’t be long for the journey and “not to get attached”. Even as Bella was born, many medical persons provided no hope. Even having hospice sent to the home. Finally, Momma sent hospice to the office and through many ups and downs, Bella has taught Rick, Karen and Bella’s entire family must more than they could have ever discovered without her life.

Santorum’s 2012 run for the Republican nomination for President was in large part due to the effects of ObamaCare and what the healthcare legislation means to patients like Bella. Reading this book, gave me look into the Santorum family and confirmed my decision to support him in 2012 was the right decision then.

I encourage you to read this book and see how God can weave lessons into our lives through a child totally dependent on others.



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