A Knoxville Area Transit trolley weighs about 39,600 pounds. With two or three trolleys at a time repeatedly pulling into or out of the Main Street super stop, for up to 15 hours a day, the combined weight over the years has taken its toll on the street asphalt.


Starting Monday, May 11, crews with Ziggurat Development will be upgrading the super stop by pouring a concrete pad that will better stand up to the wear and tear and resist pulling away from the curbing, as asphalt tends to do.


The thick concrete will take weeks to cure, so the super stop through late June will move a block to the west, in front of the Bank of America building.


The food truck zone in front of Bank of America has been temporarily discontinued to make room for the interim trolley stop.


Due to the pandemic, KAT is currently offering reduced trolley service, with Blue and Orange Lines running until 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. KAT is limiting passenger loads to 10 persons per trolley, encouraging the use of face coverings when riding, and asking passengers to use the rear doors for entering and exiting when feasible.

The KAT station named after Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.

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