Write-In Votes for Knox County Law Director 8/6/2020

Paper and Pen ballots and you people went crazy. I always highlight a sampling of write-ins NOT every write-in or blank space is reported here. Now with the new voting system, we get the scan of what you actually wrote in. Some of y’all need hand writing lessons. Here is a sample what I see.

Sampling of the visual file

Sampling of the visual file


Knox County Law Director pitted David Buuck against Jackson Fenner in the 8/6/2020 Knox County General Election. Buuck won and will take office 9/1/2020, turning Bud Armstrong back to private legal practice, till he finds something else. The election did not keep 307 voters from writing in someone else and 24 pages for me to go through to give you this sampling.

a sampling of the write in votes are; Bonesaw, Meg McMuffin, Clayton Wood. Big Dave, Dolly Parton, Matthew Park, John Lewis, DeOssie Dingus, God, CAthy McCaughan Rene Hoyos, CAthy Quist Shanks, Marshall Stair, Big Bird, Fred Flintstone, Brandy Slaybaugh, Chris Cawood, Nathan Rowell, Batman, John North, Defund the Police.

Myself and Buuck after the meeting.

Myself and Buuck after a Concord Farragut Republican Club Meeting.

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