BREAKING NEWS: Foster Arnett, Knox County Clerk on the Mend

When Knox County Commissioner Ed Shouse was admitted to Park West Hospital with pneumonia all the main stream media immediately reported it. Sources contacted Shock And Awe this evening asking about the condition of Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett. We began contacting friends, close acquaintances and family members of Arnett and have learned that Arnett was recently hospitalized for 10 days for several undisclosed issues. Arnett apparently is at home and is on the mend. Here at Shock And Awe we encourage you to continue praying for Commissioner Shouse and add Clerk Arnett. We are confident that Arnett would appreciate the extra attention.

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2 Responses

  1. Keeping Them Honset says:

    Foster had kept this a secret in the Court House….not sure why! Understand it was VERY serious.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's good to hear that Mr. Arnett is doing better.

    One would hope that the same can soon be said for the County's spending. If the Clerk's office has 7 branches, how does that compare to actual single standing US Post office branches or fire departments in the county?

    In this day and age of online everything, it's time we took a look at cutting back everywhere.

    How many customers does each branch serve on an average day over the course of the year?